Citizen Review Panel


Citizen Review Panel

In 1995, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare organized Citizen Review Panels in each of its seven regions to examine how Idaho’s Child Protection System worked and to make recommendations for improving the system. In 2018, the Idaho Legislature amended Idaho Code to transition oversight of the Citizen Review Panels to Idaho’s seven local public health districts.

The Citizen Review Panels are comprised of up to seven volunteers that reside within the boundaries of the public health district. Each Citizen Review Panel is tasked with reviewing cases brought under the child protective act that have been open in the corresponding district court, or other appropriate local jurisdiction, longer than 120 days.


Members of the Health District 3 Citizen Review Panel are from all walks of life and bring varying levels and types of experience along with sharing a strong desire to improve the lives of children.

Panel participants have undergone an application and interview process, a criminal history background check, and attended a panel training in November 2018.

Panel Member Application


Health District 3 Citizen Review Panel meetings are scheduled monthly at Southwest District Health, 13307 Miami Lane Caldwell, Idaho 83607.

Members of the public are invited to attend the meetings.


Barbara Felty
Citizen Review Panel Coordinator, Southwest District Health