Environmental Health Services

Southwest District Health’s (SWDH) Environmental Health Services oversees a number of programs relating to the health and the environment within Canyon, Gem Payette, Washington, Owyhee and Adams counties.

Programs include:

  • License and inspect food establishments including mobile and temporary food booths, investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks and complaints, and teaching of food safety education classes
  • Inspection of daycare centers
  • Investigate communicable and/or infections disease outbreaks
  • Issue of permits for subsurface wastewater disposal systems (Septic Systems)
  • Evaluate subdivisions for design and placement of septic systems
  • License and inspect public swimming pools
  • Evaluate nuisance complaints
  • Monitor small public water systems

Contact us at:

To request copies of completed septic permits Click Here.

EH Services

Caldwell Office
Phone: 208-455-5400
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Email: publichealthidaho@phd3.idaho.gov

Adams and Washington Counties:

Jeff Batten
e-mail: Jeff.Batten@phd3.idaho.gov

Canyon County:


Kelly Berg
Food Program Senior
e-mail: Kelly.Berg@phd3.idaho.gov

Jeff Buckingham
e-mail: Jeff.Buckingham@phd3.idaho.gov



Darvis Opp
e-mail: Darvis.Opp@phd3.idaho.gov

Public Water:

Lisa Bahr
Public Water System Coordinator
e-mail: Lisa.Bahr@phd3.idaho.gov

Gem County:

Brigitta Gruenberg
e-mail: Brigitta.Gruenberg@phd3.idaho.gov

Payette County:

Stephen Fitzner
e-mail: Stephen.Fitzner@phd3.idaho.gov

Owyhee County:

Darvis Opp
e-mail: Darvis.Opp@phd3.idaho.gov

File a Complaint:

To file a complaint please call 208-455-5400


Contact us through our Nuisance Complaint page.